CELADON BEACH – Condominium

Rules and Regulations Revised Edition
September, 2007

I. Association Regulations

1. Pool Rules – the main rules for the use of the pool are posted at the both North and South pools. All owners and guest should caution in and around the pool area and report any dangerous activity to the office or maintenance staff.

The pool hours are posted at the pool. Please do not enter the pool before the posted opening time, even if the gates or doors or unlocked. The staff cleans the pools every morning and adds chemicals to ensure proper health department requirements. The high chemical levels can be dangerous to swimmers if not given enough time to work there way into the water system.


No Diving or Jumping
No Running or horseplay
No Throwing objects
No Glass containers
No Cooking or Grilling
No Climbing on center column or weather straps on North Pool
No Placing Furniture in Pool
No Animals allowed in pool or pool deck area
Bathing suits are required for all swimmers
Small children should be in swim diapers
All swimmers should show courtesy to others in pool area
All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult
*No children under the age of 12 should be in the Hot Tubs

Owners and guest will be held accountable for any damage caused
by destructive behavior, or by failure to comply with any of the rules listed above.

The association retains the right to temporarily revoke pool privileges to any guest that does not follow or obey the pool rules.

2. Parking Garage Rules – Parking areas are for use by residents or their guests for such purpose on a daily basis. Trailers, RV’s, buses, motor homes, commercial trucks, and boats are to be parked in designated areas or off the Condominium property, as determined
by the Association.

At this time the lower level parking area can be used by oversized vehicles, on a daily basis. Any vehicle that requires more than one parking space must be granted permission from the Association in advance.

At this time storage of vehicles must be approved by the Board of Directors prior to the storage taking place.

Celadon parking decals must be displayed in order to use the parking deck. Owners must use a permanent decal and guests must use a temporary pass.

Handicapped decals must be displayed in order to use the spaces marked handicapped.

The clearance height of 7’ feet is for the area above the first level ramp to the second level. The clearance height for the main entrance to the garage is 13’ feet.

No parking space is to be used for a work area.

All owners should inform their guests to come to the front desk and register and obtain a parking pass.

No skateboarding, rollerblading, bicycles, or mopeds will be allowed to be used in the parking garage.

The driveway under the walkover in front of the building is limited to 10 minutes; this area should not be used as a loading/unloading area.

The parking area on the south side directly under the building is reserved for those owners who have purchased a parking space. Owners do have the right to allow guests of their unit to park in this area, but should instruct their guest to notify the office.

Owners who plan on storing a vehicle in their spaces should make arrangements to have the vehicle maintained. Please cover the vehicle or have someone clean it to make sure it is in good and clean condition.

3. Pet Policy – Owner’s Only
Only unit owners may have pets. The only exceptions; Seeing Eye Dogs and Companion Pets (Must be prescribed by a licensed physician).
Pets are defined as dogs and cats.
Pets must not display aggressive or noisy behavior around people or other animals. Pets must be under owners control at all times.
The pet must be registered with Celadon Beach Owners Association, Inc.
No dogs permitted in the walkover.
Pets must be leashed when outside the unit.
Pet owners must utilize pet walk area. Owners must clean up after pets.
Immunization records are to be provided to association office. (This is very practical for an out town pet that might require medical care while at the beach)
Pet tags must be displayed at all times.
Failure to adhere to be policy may result in the removal of the animal and revocation of pet privileges.

4. Building Exterior

A. Signs – A resident may identify the unit by a name plate approved by the association. For Sale signs may be put in the window only after the approval of the sign by the Board of Directors.

B. Hanging of Objects – The hanging of anything on the balconies or windows is prohibited. Owners please advise your rental guest of this policy.

C. Mounting of objects – No one may mount any object upon the exterior of the roof or building without prior approval of the Board of Directors in writing. United States flag may be displayed; however the mounting cannot penetrate the exterior of the building.

D. Obstructions – Walkways, stairwells, and landing areas are for ingress and egress to and from units and shall not be obscured. This prohibition is in compliance with the fire code and insurance requirements and is for the protection of the residents in case of fire or other emergency.

E. Unit Entry Doors – There are two types of approve locking mechanism for the entry door. The slide card that was installed by the developer and the Kaba Ora-Code 660 lock. No other locks are approved at this time. Any owner wishing to change out the lock must use these locks.